The Federation aims to establish throughout Canada, the legal right to practice Shiatsu as Shiatsu image Fed Web 3an independent, self-regulating health-care method, legally available as a first choice treatment option to the public…

…also to establish, and to revise from time to time, procedures for the mutual recognition of professional practitioners, teachers and schools between member associations.

  • To promote the ongoing development of professional education and of standards of practice.
  • To promote the ongoing research into the effectiveness and benefits of Shiatsu
  • To promote educational/research, practical and social exchange between Shiatsu professionals across Canada and World-wide.
  • To represent the interests of the Federation to  relevant international bodies.
  • To support the activities of the Provincial professional associations in furthering these objectives.
  • To establish good working relationships with other organizations that share these or other compatible objectives.

Shiatsu Education PictureThe members of the SFC are those Professional Shiatsu Associations which subscribe to the above aims.  Practitioners who are  members  of associations affiliated with the Shiatsu Federation have undergone a rigorous professional training  and are conversant with both Eastern and Western approaches to creating optimal health and wellness.

Members adhere to a strict code of ethics and are fully licensed and insured.

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