The Shiatsu Federation of Canada

Shiatsu image Fed Web 3

Shiatsu was introduced to Canada from Japan in 1971. The federation was founded in 2011 to unite associations across Canada in advancing Shiatsu therapy as a healing therapy.

It exists to represent all styles of professional Shiatsu, united by a common purpose to relieve suffering and  to promote optimal mind/body health and well-being in our society.

  • To promote the ongoing development of professional education and of standards of practice.
  • To promote the ongoing research into the effectiveness and benefits of Shiatsu.
  • To promote educational/research, practical and social exchange between Shiatsu professionals across Canada.
  • To establish good working relationships with other organisations that share these or other compatible objectives.
  • The members of the SFC are Professional Shiatsu Associations which subscribe to the above aims

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